NAICS Code Description

332993 - Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing

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Vista Outdoor IncKaman Precision Products Inc
General Dynmics Ord Tctcal SysDay & Zmmermann Hawthorne Corp
Bwxt Y - 12 LLCTextron Systems Corporation
Bae Systems Ord Systems IncNammo Pocal Inc
Amtec CorporationAerojet Ordnance Tennessee Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ammunition (except small arms). Examples of products made by these establishments are bombs, depth charges, rockets (except guided missiles), grenades, mines, and torpedoes.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing small arms ammunition--are classified in U.S. Industry 332992, Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing blasting and detonating caps and safety fuses--are classified in Industry 325920, Explosives Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing fireworks--are classified in U.S. Industry 325998, All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing guided missiles--are classified in U.S. Industry 336414, Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 332993
332993332993332993332993Adapters, bombcluster, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Ammunition (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch) manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Ammunition loading and assembling plants
332993332993332993332993Arming and fusing devices, missile, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Artillery ammunition (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch) manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Bag loading plants, ammunition, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Bomb loading and assembling plants
332993332993332993332993Bombcluster adapters manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Bombs manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Boosters and bursters, artillery, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Canisters, ammunition, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Caps, bomb, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Depth charges manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Detonators, ammunition (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch), manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Fin assemblies, mortar, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Fin assemblies, torpedo and bomb, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Fuses ammunition (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch) manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Grenades, hand or projectile, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Igniters, ammunition tracer (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch), manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Jet propulsion projectiles (except guided missiles) manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Loading and assembling bombs
332993332993332993332993Mines, ammunition, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Missile warheads manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Mortar shells manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Primers (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch), ammunition, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Projectiles (except guided missile), jet propulsion, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Rockets, ammunition (except guided missiles, pyrotechnic), manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Shell loading and assembly plants
332993332993332993332993Shells, artillery, manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Torpedoes manufacturing
332993332993332993332993Tracer igniters, ammunition (i.e., more than 30 mm., more than 1.18 inch), manufacturing