NAICS Code Description

322291 - Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing

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Kimberly-Clark CorporationSoundview Paper Mills LLC
Georgia-Pacific LLCOpp Liquidating Company Inc
First Quality Enterprises IncTambrands Sales Corp
Hoffmaster Group IncVon Drehle Corporation
Playtex Products LLCProfessional Disposables Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in converting purchased sanitary paper stock or wadding into sanitary paper products, such as facial tissues, handkerchiefs, table napkins, toilet paper, towels, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and tampons.

Index Entries for 322291
322291322291322291322291Diapers, disposable, made from purchased paper or textile fiber
322291322291322291322291Facial tissues made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Handkerchiefs, paper, made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Napkins, table, made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Pads, incontinent and bed, manufacturing
322291322291322291322291Paper napkins and tablecloths made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Paper towels made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Sanitary napkins and tampons made from purchased paper or textile fiber
322291322291322291322291Sanitary products made from purchased sanitary paper stock
322291322291322291322291Tablecloths, paper, made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Toilet paper made from purchased paper
322291322291322291322291Towels, paper, made from purchased paper