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321114 - Wood Preservation

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Koppers Holdings IncCM Tucker Lbr Companies LLC
Ufp Janesville LLCKoppers Performance Chem Inc
Great Southern Wood Prsv IncHoover Treated Wood Pdts Inc
Stella-Jones CorporationAtlantic Wood Industries Inc
Texas Electric Coops Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) treating wood sawed, planed, or shaped in other establishments with creosote or other preservatives, such as alkaline copper quat, copper azole, and sodium borates, to prevent decay and to protect against fire and insects and/or (2) sawing round wood poles, pilings, and posts and treating them with preservatives.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood products (except round wood poles, pilings, and posts) and treating them with preservatives are classified elsewhere in Subsector 321, Wood Product Manufacturing, based on the related production process.
Index Entries for 321114
321114321114321114321114Bridge and trestle parts, wood, treating
321114321114321114321114Creosoting of wood
321114321114321114321114Crossties, treating
321114321114321114321114Flooring, wood block, treating
321114321114321114321114Millwork, treating
321114321114321114321114Mine props, treating
321114321114321114321114Mine ties, wood, treated, manufacturing
321114321114321114321114Pilings, foundation and marine construction, treating
321114321114321114321114Pilings, round wood, cutting and treating
321114321114321114321114Pilings, wood, treating
321114321114321114321114Poles, round wood, cutting and treating
321114321114321114321114Poles, wood, treating
321114321114321114321114Posts, round wood, cutting and treating
321114321114321114321114Posts, wood, treating
321114321114321114321114Preserving purchased wood and wood products
321114321114321114321114Pressure treated lumber made from purchased lumber
321114321114321114321114Railroad ties (i.e., bridge, cross, switch) treating
321114321114321114321114Structural lumber and timber, treating
321114321114321114321114Ties, wood railroad bridge, cross, and switch, treating
321114321114321114321114Timber, structural, treating
321114321114321114321114Treating purchased wood and wood products
321114321114321114321114Treating wood products with creosote or other preservatives
321114321114321114321114Trestle parts, wood, treating
321114321114321114321114Wood fence (i.e., pickets, poling, rails), treating
321114321114321114321114Wood products, creosoting purchased wood products