NAICS Code Description

311991 - Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing

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Advancperre Foods Holdings IncAmeriqual Group Holdings LLC
Calavo Growers IncAmeriqual Group LLC
Ready Pac Foods IncHearthside Usa LLC
OSI Industries LLCUnaka Company Incorporated
E A Sween CompanyFreshly Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing perishable prepared foods, such as salads, sandwiches, prepared meals, fresh pizza, fresh pasta, and peeled or cut vegetables.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in preparing and selling food for immediate consumption are classified in Industry 72251, Restaurants and Other Eating Places.
Index Entries for 311991
311991311991311991311991Box lunches (for sale off premises) manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Carrots, cut, peeled or sliced fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Cole slaw, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Egg noodles, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Food, prepared, perishable, packaged for individual resale
311991311991311991311991Fruit, cut or peeled, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Macaroni, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Noodles, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Pasta, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Pizzas, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Potatoes, peeled or cut, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Prepared meals, perishable, packaged for individual resale
311991311991311991311991Salads, fresh or refrigerated, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Sandwiches, fresh (i.e., assembled and packaged for wholesale market), manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Slaw, cole, fresh, manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Tofu (i.e., bean curd) (except frozen desserts) manufacturing
311991311991311991311991Vegetables, cut or peeled, fresh, manufacturing