NAICS Code Description

925120 - Administration of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Development

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Village of WinterKesajo Inc
Fha Comptrollers OfficeCuyahoga Metro Hsing Auth
Natural Resources Comm ArkTurtlecreek Township
The Redevelopment Agency ofColfax Township
Housing Finance Agency NDOrange Township

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration and planning of the development of urban and rural areas. Included in this industry are government zoning boards and commissions.

Illustrative Examples:

Land redevelopment agencies, government
Urban planning commissions, government
Regional planning and development program administration, public administration
Zoning boards and commissions, public administration

Index Entries for 925120
925120925120925120Community development agencies, government
925120925120925120County development agencies
925120925120925120Land redevelopment agencies, government
925120925120925120Redevelopment land agencies, government
925120925120925120Regional planning and development program administration
925120925120925120Urban planning commissions, government
925120925120925120Zoning boards and commissions