NAICS Code Description

711410 - Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures

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Ilitch Holdings IncTicketscom LLC
Nhl Enterprises IncCreative Artsts Agcy Hldngs LL
Reps & Company IncVice Media LLC
Cirque Du Soleil America IncLincoln Holdings LLC
Professnal Glfers Assn of AmerPacific Medical Inc

This industry comprises establishments of agents and managers primarily engaged in representing and/or managing creative and performing artists, sports figures, entertainers, and other public figures. The representation and management includes activities, such as representing clients in contract negotiations; managing or organizing clients' financial affairs; and generally promoting the careers of their clients.

Illustrative Examples:

Celebrities' agents or managers
Sports figures' agents or managers
Literary agents
Talent agents
Modeling agents


  • Establishments primarily engaged in supplying models to clients are classified in Industry 561320, Temporary Help Services; and
  • Establishments known as model registries primarily engaged in recruiting and placing models for clients are classified in U.S. Industry 561311, Employment Placement Agencies.
Index Entries for 711410
711410711410711410Agents, artists'
711410711410711410Agents, authors'
711410711410711410Agents, celebrities'
711410711410711410Agents, entertainers'
711410711410711410Agents, modeling
711410711410711410Agents, public figures'
711410711410711410Agents, sports figures'
711410711410711410Agents, talent
711410711410711410Agents, theatrical talent
711410711410711410Artists' agents or managers
711410711410711410Authors' agents or managers
711410711410711410Celebrities' agents or managers
711410711410711410Entertainers' agents or managers
711410711410711410Lecture bureaus
711410711410711410Literary agents
711410711410711410Management agencies for artists, entertainers, and other public figures
711410711410711410Managers, authors'
711410711410711410Managers, celebrities'
711410711410711410Managers, entertainers'
711410711410711410Managers, public figures'
711410711410711410Managers, sports figures'
711410711410711410Modeling agents
711410711410711410Models' agents or managers
711410711410711410Public figures' agents or managers
711410711410711410Speakers' bureaus
711410711410711410Sports figures' agents or managers
711410711410711410Talent agencies
711410711410711410Talent agents
711410711410711410Theatrical talent agents