NAICS Code Description

624210 - Community Food Services

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Feeding South Florida IncMeals On Whels Plus Mnatee Inc
Food Bank For New York CityMeals On Wheels Central MD Inc
Community Action Prtnr N Ala ISenior Catering
Regional Fd Bnk Nrthast Fla InMeals-N-Whels Grter San Dego I
Meals On Wheels PeopleMeals On Wheels San Antonio

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the collection, preparation, and delivery of food for the needy. Establishments in this industry may also distribute clothing and blankets to the poor. These establishments may prepare and deliver meals to persons who by reason of age, disability, or illness are unable to prepare meals for themselves; collect and distribute salvageable or donated food; or prepare and provide meals at fixed or mobile locations. Food banks, meal delivery programs, and soup kitchens are included in this industry.

Index Entries for 624210
624210624210624210Community meals, social services
624210624210624210Food banks
624210624210624210Food pantries
624210624210624210Meal delivery programs
624210624210624210Mobile soup kitchens
624210624210624210Soup kitchens