NAICS Code Description

623990 - Other Residential Care Facilities

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Southwest Key Programs IncBuckner International
Father Flanagans Boys HomeCasey Family Programs
Senior Lifestyle CorporationKvc Health Systems Inc
New York Foundling HospitalKencrest Services
Cresson Secure Treatment UnitCenter For Health Care Svcs

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing residential care (except residential intellectual and developmental disability facilities, residential mental health and substance abuse facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and assisted living facilities for the elderly). These establishments also provide supervision and personal care services.

Illustrative Examples:

Boot or disciplinary camps (except correctional) for delinquent youth
Group homes for the hearing or visually impaired
Child group foster homes
Halfway group homes for delinquents or ex-offenders
Delinquent youth halfway group homes
Homes for unwed mothers
Group homes for the disabled without nursing care


  • Residential intellectual and developmental disability facilities are classified in Industry 623210, Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability Facilities;
  • Continuing care retirement communities are classified in U.S. Industry 623311, Continuing Care Retirement Communities;
  • Residential mental health and substance abuse facilities are classified in Industry 623220, Residential Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities;
  • Assisted living facilities for the elderly without nursing care are classified in U.S. Industry 623312, Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing inpatient nursing and rehabilitative services are classified in Industry 623110, Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities);
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing temporary shelter are classified in U.S. Industry 624221, Temporary Shelters; and
  • Correctional camps are classified in Industry 922140, Correctional Institutions.
Index Entries for 623990
623990623990623990Boot camps for delinquent youth
623990623990623990Boys' and girls' residential facilities (e.g., homes, ranches, villages)
623990623990623990Camps, boot or disciplinary (except correctional), for delinquent youth
623990623990623990Child group foster homes
623990623990623990Children's villages
623990623990623990Delinquent youth halfway group homes
623990623990623990Disabled group homes without nursing care
623990623990623990Disciplinary camps for delinquent youth
623990623990623990Group foster homes for children
623990623990623990Group homes for the disabled without nursing care
623990623990623990Group homes for the hearing impaired
623990623990623990Group homes for the visually impaired
623990623990623990Halfway group homes for delinquents and ex-offenders
623990623990623990Homes for children with health care incidental
623990623990623990Homes for unwed mothers
623990623990623990Juvenile halfway group homes