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621410 - Family Planning Centers

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Summit HealthMarys Ctr For Mtrnal Child CA
Caremax IncPlanned Prnthood Great NW Hawa
Planned Prnthood Fdrtion AmerParadigm Acquisition Corp
Planned Prnthood Mar Monte IncPlanned Parenthood Los Angeles
Planned Prnthood of PCF SthwesPlanned Prnthod Shst-Dblo Inc

This industry comprises establishments with medical staff primarily engaged in providing a range of family planning services on an outpatient basis, such as contraceptive services, genetic and prenatal counseling, voluntary sterilization, and therapeutic and medically induced termination of pregnancy.

Illustrative Examples:

Birth control clinics
Fertility clinics
Childbirth preparation classes
Pregnancy counseling centers

Index Entries for 621410
621410621410621410Abortion clinics
621410621410621410Birth control clinics
621410621410621410Childbirth preparation classes
621410621410621410Counseling services, family planning
621410621410621410Family planning centers
621410621410621410Family planning counseling services
621410621410621410Fertility clinics
621410621410621410Pregnancy counseling centers
621410621410621410Reproductive health services centers