NAICS Code Description

561311 - Employment Placement Agencies

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Employbridge Holding CompanyBarrett Business Services Inc
A-1 Hlthcare Stffing PlcementsJackson Healthcare LLC
Amn Healthcare Services IncAdvantage Resourcing Amer Inc
Korn FerryEmployers Resource Mgt Co
Cross Country Healthcare IncCoworx Staffing Services LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in listing employment vacancies and in referring or placing applicants for employment. The individuals referred or placed are not employees of the employment agencies.

Illustrative Examples:

Babysitting bureaus (i.e., registries)
Employment registries
Casting agencies or bureaus (i.e., motion picture, theatrical, video)
Model registries
Employment agencies

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing executive search, recruitment, and placement services--are classified in U.S. Industry 561312, Executive Search Services;
  • Supplying their own employees for limited periods of time to supplement the working force of a client's business--are classified in Industry 561320, Temporary Help Services;
  • Providing human resources and human resource management services to client businesses and households--are classified in Industry 561330, Professional Employer Organizations; and
  • Representing models, entertainers, athletes, and other public figures as their agent or manager--are classified in Industry 711410, Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures.
Index Entries for 561311
561311561311561311Babysitting bureaus (i.e., registries)
561311561311561311Casting agencies (i.e., motion picture, theatrical, video)
561311561311561311Casting agencies, motion picture or video
561311561311561311Casting agencies, theatrical
561311561311561311Casting bureaus (e.g., motion picture, theatrical, video)
561311561311561311Casting bureaus, motion picture or video
561311561311561311Casting bureaus, theatrical
561311561311561311Chauffeur registries
561311561311561311Employment agencies
561311561311561311Employment agencies, motion picture or video
561311561311561311Employment agencies, radio or television
561311561311561311Employment agencies, theatrical
561311561311561311Employment placement agencies or services
561311561311561311Employment referral agencies or services
561311561311561311Employment registries
561311561311561311Internet job listing services
561311561311561311Internet resume listing services
561311561311561311Maid registries
561311561311561311Model registries
561311561311561311Nurse registries
561311561311561311Placement agencies or services, employment
561311561311561311Referral agencies or services, employment
561311561311561311Registries, employment
561311561311561311Registries, teacher
561311561311561311Ship crew employment agencies
561311561311561311Ship crew registries
561311561311561311State operated employment job services offices
561311561311561311Teacher registries
561311561311561311Television employment agencies
561311561311561311Theatrical employment agencies