NAICS Code Description

523920 - Portfolio Management

No Companies Listed in 523920

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in managing the portfolio assets (i.e., funds) of others on a fee or commission basis. Establishments in this industry have the authority to make investment decisions, and they derive fees based on the size and/or overall performance of the portfolio.

Illustrative Examples:

Managing trusts
Pension fund managing
Mutual fund managing
Portfolio fund managing


  • Establishments primarily engaged in investment banking, securities dealing, securities brokering, commodity contracts dealing, or commodity contracts brokering are classified in Industry Group 5231, Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage.
Index Entries for 523920
523920523920523920Investment management
523920523920523920Managing investment funds
523920523920523920Managing mutual funds
523920523920523920Managing personal investment trusts
523920523920523920Managing trusts
523920523920523920Mutual fund managing
523920523920523920Pension fund managing
523920523920523920Personal investments trusts, managing
523920523920523920Portfolio fund managing
523920523920523920Private equity fund managing