NAICS Code Description

522298 - All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation

No Companies Listed in 522298

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing nondepository credit (except credit card issuing, sales financing, consumer lending, real estate credit, international trade financing, and secondary market financing). Examples of types of lending in this industry are short-term inventory credit, agricultural lending (except real estate and sales financing), and consumer cash lending secured by personal property.

Illustrative Examples:

Commodity Credit Corporation
Morris Plans (i.e., known as), nondepository
Factoring accounts receivable
Industrial banks (i.e., known as), nondepository


  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing credit sales funding are classified in Industry 522210, Credit Card Issuing;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in sales financing or sales financing in combination with leasing are classified in Industry 522220, Sales Financing;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in making unsecured cash loans to consumers are classified in U.S. Industry 522291, Consumer Lending;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in lending funds with real estate as collateral are classified in U.S. Industry 522292, Real Estate Credit;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in international trade financing are classified in U.S. Industry 522293, International Trade Financing;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in buying, pooling, and repackaging loans for sale to others on the secondary market are classified in U.S. Industry 522294, Secondary Market Financing; and
  • Establishments known as industrial banks or Morris Plans and primarily engaged in accepting deposits are classified in Industry 522190, Other Depository Credit Intermediation.
Index Entries for 522298
522298522298522298Agricultural credit institutions, making loans or extending credit (except real estate, sales financing)
522298522298522298Agricultural lending (except real estate, sales financing)
522298522298522298Banks, industrial (i.e., known as), nondepository
522298522298522298Car title lending
522298522298522298Commodity Credit Corporation
522298522298522298Edge Act corporations (except international trade financing)
522298522298522298Factoring accounts receivable
522298522298522298Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB)
522298522298522298Industrial banks (i.e., known as), nondepository
522298522298522298Industrial loan companies, nondepository
522298522298522298Morris Plans (i.e., known as), nondepository
522298522298522298National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
522298522298522298Plans, Morris (i.e., known as), nondepository
522298522298522298Purchasing of accounts receivable
522298522298522298Short-term inventory credit lending