NAICS Code Description

522110 - Commercial Banking

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Jpmorgan Chase & CoCitigroup Inc
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Nat AssnCapital One Financial Corp
Bank of America CorporationUS Bancorp
Wells Fargo & CompanyTruist Financial Corporation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in accepting demand and other deposits and making commercial, industrial, and consumer loans. Commercial banks and branches of foreign banks are included in this industry.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in credit card banking are classified in Industry 522210, Credit Card Issuing;
  • Establishments known as industrial banks and primarily engaged in accepting deposits are classified in Industry 522190, Other Depository Credit Intermediation; and
  • Establishments of depository institutions primarily engaged in trust activities are classified in U.S. Industry 523991, Trust, Fiduciary, and Custody Activities.
Index Entries for 522110
522110522110522110Banks, commercial
522110522110522110Branches of foreign banks
522110522110522110Commercial banking
522110522110522110Commercial banks
522110522110522110Depository trust companies
522110522110522110National commercial banks
522110522110522110State commercial banks