NAICS Code Description

424820 - Wine and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers

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Southern Glzers Wine Sprits CoConstlltion Brnds US Oprtons I
Breakthru Beverage Group LLCPernod Ricard Usa LLC
Republic Nat Distrg Co LLCCrown Imports LLC
Empire Merchants LLCWinebow Group LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of wine, distilled alcoholic beverages, and/or neutral spirits and ethyl alcohol used in blended wines and distilled liquors.

Index Entries for 424820
424820424820424820Alcoholic beverages, wine, and distilled spirits merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Beverages, wine and distilled spirits, merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Brandy and brandy spirits merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Cocktails, alcoholic, premixed, merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Distilled alcoholic beverages merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Ethyl alcohol merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Hard cider merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Liquors merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Liquors, distilled, merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Neutral spirits merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Spirits, distilled, merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Wine coolers, alcoholic, merchant wholesalers
424820424820424820Wines merchant wholesalers