NAICS Code Description

327331 - Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing

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Cemex Materials LLCRCP Block & Brick Inc
Oldcastle Payroll IncAnchor Concrete Products Inc
Oldcastle Apg Northeast IncTecho-Bloc Corp
York Building Products Co IncCranesville Block Co Inc
Reading Rock IncorporatedOrco Block & Hardscape

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete block and brick.

Index Entries for 327331
327331327331327331Architectural block, concrete (e.g., fluted, ground face, screen, slump, split), manufacturing
327331327331327331Blocks, concrete and cinder, manufacturing
327331327331327331Bricks, concrete, manufacturing
327331327331327331Cinder (clinker) block, concrete, manufacturing
327331327331327331Patio block, concrete, manufacturing
327331327331327331Paving blocks, concrete, manufacturing
327331327331327331Plinth blocks, precast terrazzo, manufacturing
327331327331327331Precast concrete block and brick manufacturing
327331327331327331Prestressed concrete blocks or bricks manufacturing
327331327331327331Slumped brick manufacturing