NAICS Code Description

326150 - Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing

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Carlisle Companies IncFxi Holdings Inc
Dart Container CorporationSouthland Container Corp
Cryovac LLCGreif Packaging LLC
Carpenter CoFuture Foam Inc
PMC Global IncSekisui America Corporation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics foam products (except polystyrene).


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing polystyrene foam products are classified in Industry 326140, Polystyrene Foam Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 326150
326150326150326150Cushions, carpet and rug, urethane and other foam plastics (except polystrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Foam plastics products (except polystrene) manufacturing
326150326150326150Ice buckets, urethane or other plastics foam (except polystyrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Ice chests or coolers, urethane or other plastics foam (except polystyrene) manufacturing
326150326150326150Insulation and cushioning, foam plastics (except polystrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Jugs, vacuum, foam plastics (except polystyrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Packaging, foam plastics (except polystyrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Polyurethane foam products manufacturing
326150326150326150Seat cushions, foam plastics (except polystyrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Shipping pads and shaped cushioning, foam plastics (except polystyrene), manufacturing
326150326150326150Urethane foam products manufacturing