NAICS Code Description

238350 - Finish Carpentry Contractors

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Isec IncorporatedUniversal Granite & Marble Inc
Architctral Surfaces Group LLCEmpire Countertops LLC
Component Assembly Systems IncG W Surfaces
Heritage Interests LLCLevantina Usa Inc
Dura-Supreme LLCDiscover Marble & Granite Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in finish carpentry work. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

Illustrative Examples:

Built-in wood cabinets constructed on site
Molding or trim, wood or plastic, installation
Countertop, residential-type, installation
Paneling installation
Door and window frame construction
Prefabricated kitchen and bath cabinet, residential-type, installation
Garage door, residential-type, installation
Ship joinery contractors
Millwork installation
Window and door, residential-type, of any material, prefabricated, installation

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Installing skylights--are classified in Industry 238160, Roofing Contractors;
  • Framing--are classified in Industry 238130, Framing Contractors; and
  • Building custom kitchen and bath cabinets (except freestanding) in a shop--are classified in Industry 337110, Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 238350
238350238350238350Aluminum door and window, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Built-in wood cabinets constructed on site
238350238350238350Cabinet work performed at the construction site
238350238350238350Cabinetry work performed at the construction site
238350238350238350Cabinets, wood built-in, constructed on site
238350238350238350Carpenters (except framing)
238350238350238350Carpentry work (except framing)
238350238350238350Countertop, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Deck construction, residential-type
238350238350238350Door and window frame construction
238350238350238350Door and window, prefabricated, installation
238350238350238350Door, folding, installation
238350238350238350Finish carpentry
238350238350238350Garage door, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Hermetically sealed window unit, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Kitchen cabinets and counters, constructed on site
238350238350238350Millwork installation
238350238350238350Molding or trim, wood or plastic, installation
238350238350238350Overhead door, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Paneling installation
238350238350238350Prefabricated kitchen and bath cabinet, residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Prefabricated sash and door installation
238350238350238350Shelving, wood, constructed on site
238350238350238350Ship joinery contractors
238350238350238350Stairway, wood, installation
238350238350238350Trim and finish carpentry contractors
238350238350238350Window and door (residential-type) of any material, prefabricated, installation
238350238350238350Window installation
238350238350238350Window, metal frame residential-type, installation
238350238350238350Window, wood, installation