NAICS Code Description

212321 - Construction Sand and Gravel Mining

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Granite Rock CoL G Everist Incorporated
Knife River CorporationTiller Corporation
Snyder Assod Companies IncCovia Solutions Inc
Preferred Sands LLCVista Proppants Logistics Inc
Hi-Crush IncBrox Industries Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) operating commercial grade (i.e., construction) sand and gravel pits; (2) dredging for commercial grade sand and gravel; and (3) washing, screening, or otherwise preparing commercial grade sand and gravel.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in mining industrial grade sand are classified in U.S. Industry 212322, Industrial Sand Mining.
Index Entries for 212321
212321212321212321Common sand quarrying and/or beneficiating
212321212321212321Construction sand and gravel beneficiating (e.g., grinding, screening, washing)
212321212321212321Construction sand or gravel dredging
212321212321212321Gravel quarrying and/or beneficiating
212321212321212321Pebbles (except grinding) mining and/or beneficiating
212321212321212321Sand and gravel quarrying (i.e., construction grade) and/or beneficiating
212321212321212321Sand, construction grade, quarrying and/or beneficiating