NAICS Code Description

111422 - Floriculture Production

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Color Spot Holdings IncGreen Circle Growers Inc
Woerner Holdings LPSpeedling Incorporated
Sun Valley Group IncHmclause Inc
W Atlee Burpee CompanyMetrolina Greenhouses Inc
Burpee Holding Company IncKing Ranch Turfgrass LP

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing and/or producing floriculture products (e.g., cut flowers and roses, cut cultivated greens, potted flowering and foliage plants, and flower seeds) under cover and in open fields.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in retailing floriculture products primarily purchased from others are classified in Industry 444220, Nursery, Garden Center, and Farm Supply Stores.
Index Entries for 111422
111422111422111422Bedding plant growing (except vegetable and melon bedding plants)
111422111422111422Cultivated florist greens growing
111422111422111422Cut flower growing
111422111422111422Cut rose growing
111422111422111422Cuttings farming
111422111422111422Flower growing
111422111422111422Flower seed production
111422111422111422Foliage growing
111422111422111422Hanging basket plant growing
111422111422111422House plant growing
111422111422111422Ornamental plant growing
111422111422111422Plant, ornamental, growing
111422111422111422Plant, potted flower and foliage, growing
111422111422111422Plug (i.e., floriculture products) growing