926140 Regulation of Agricultural Marketing and Commodities

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the planning, administration, and coordination of agricultural programs for production, marketing, and utilization, including educational and promotional activities. Included in this industry are government establishments responsible for regulating and controlling the grading and inspection of food, plants, animals, and other agricultural products.

Cross-References. Government establishments primarily engaged in--
  • Administering programs for developing economic data about agriculture and trade in agricultural products--are classified in Industry 926110, Administration of General Economic Programs;
  • Administering programs for the conservation of natural resources--are classified in Industry Group 9241, Administration of Environmental Quality Programs; and
  • Administering food stamp programs--are classified in Industry 923130, Administration of Human Resource Programs (except Education, Public Health, and Veterans' Affairs Programs).
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926140 926140 926140  Agricultural cooperative extension program administration
926140 926140 926140  Agricultural marketing services government
926140 926140 926140  Agricultural pest and weed regulation, government
926140 926140 926140  Agriculture fair boards administration
926140 926140 926140  Animal quarantine service, government
926140 926140 926140  Food inspection agencies
926140 926140 926140  Pest control programs, agriculture, government
926140 926140 926140  Regulation and inspection of agricultural products
926140 926140 926140  Weed control, agriculture, government