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923140 - Administration of Veterans' Affairs

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VA Departmental OfficesVeterans Affairs Iowa Dept
Soldiers Sailors Marines FundVeterans Assstnce W Vrgina Dep
Veterans Affairs Kans Comm OnWA Dept Veterans Affairs
Arkansas Dept Veterans AffairsVeterans Services NY
Veterans ADM Employees AssnAmerican Battle Monuments Comm

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration of programs of assistance, training, counseling, and other services to veterans and their dependents, heirs, or survivors. Included in this industry are Veterans' Affairs offices that maintain liaison and coordinate activities with other service organizations and governmental agencies.


  • Government establishments operating veterans' hospitals are classified in Subsector 622, Hospitals;
  • Establishments providing veterans' insurance are classified in Subsector 524, Insurance Carriers and Related Activities; and
  • Establishments operating civic and social organizations for veterans are classified in Industry 813410, Civic and Social Organizations.
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923140923140923140Veterans' affairs offices
923140923140923140Veterans' benefits program administration, government