NAICS Code Description

813920 - Professional Organizations

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Evernorth Health IncAmerican Chemical Society
Eastern ME Healthcare SystemsInstitute of Elec Elec Engners
University Mississippi Med CtrHarvard Med Fclty Physcans At
Gundersen Ltheran ADM Svcs IncBlue Cross & Blue Shield Assn
Caresource Ohio IncCfa Institute

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in promoting the professional interests of their members and the profession as a whole. These establishments may conduct research; develop statistics; sponsor quality and certification standards; lobby public officials; or publish newsletters, books, or periodicals for distribution to their members.

Illustrative Examples:

Bar associations
Learned societies
Dentists' associations
Peer review boards
Engineers' associations
Professional standards review boards
Health professionals' associations
Scientists' associations

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Promoting the business interests of their members--are classified in Industry 813910, Business Associations; and
  • Lobbying public officials (i.e., lobbyists)--are classified in Industry 541820, Public Relations Agencies.
Index Entries for 813920
813920813920813920Accountants' associations
813920813920813920Architects' associations
813920813920813920Bar associations
813920813920813920Consultants' associations
813920813920813920Dentists' associations
813920813920813920Dietitians' associations
813920813920813920Educators' associations
813920813920813920Engineers' associations
813920813920813920Health professionals' associations
813920813920813920Hospital administrators' associations
813920813920813920Learned societies
813920813920813920Medical associations
813920813920813920Nurses' associations
813920813920813920Occupational therapists' associations
813920813920813920Optometrists' associations
813920813920813920Peer review boards
813920813920813920Personnel management associations
813920813920813920Pharmacists' associations
813920813920813920Professional associations
813920813920813920Professional membership associations
813920813920813920Professional standards review boards
813920813920813920Psychologists' associations
813920813920813920Scientific associations
813920813920813920Social workers' associations
813920813920813920Standards review committees, professional