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813311 - Human Rights Organizations

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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in promoting causes associated with human rights either for a broad or specific constituency. Establishments in this industry address issues, such as protecting and promoting the broad constitutional rights and civil liberties of individuals and those suffering from neglect, abuse, or exploitation; promoting the interests of specific groups, such as children, women, senior citizens, or persons with disabilities; improving relations between racial, ethnic, and cultural groups; and promoting voter education and registration. These organizations may solicit contributions and offer memberships to support these causes.

Illustrative Examples:

Civil liberties organizations
Senior citizens' advocacy organizations
Human rights advocacy organizations
Veterans' rights organizations

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Promoting the interests of organized labor and union employees--are classified in Industry 813930, Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations; and
  • Providing legal services for human rights organizations--are classified in Industry Group 5411, Legal Services.
Index Entries for 813311
813311813311813311Associations for retired persons, advocacy
813311813311813311Civil liberties organizations
813311813311813311Developmentally disabled advocacy organizations
813311813311813311Human rights advocacy organizations
813311813311813311Intellectually and developmentally disabled advocacy groups
813311813311813311Senior citizens advocacy organizations
813311813311813311Veterans' rights organizations

No Companies Listed in 813311