NAICS Code Description

812331 - Linen Supply

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Alsco IncParis Cleaners Inc
9w Halo Holdings LPA&P Coat Apron & Linen Sup LLC
Ameripride Services IncCrown Hlth Care Ldry Svcs LLC
Rfid CorporationArrow Uniform-Taylor LLC
Cintas Corporation No 1Domestic Linen Sup & Ldry Co

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in supplying, on a rental or contract basis, laundered items, such as table and bed linens; towels; diapers; and uniforms, gowns, or coats of the type used by doctors, nurses, barbers, beauticians, and waitresses.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in supplying, on a rental or contract basis, laundered industrial work uniforms and related work clothing are classified in U.S. Industry 812332, Industrial Launderers.
Index Entries for 812331
812331812331812331Apron supply services
812331812331812331Bed linen supply services
812331812331812331Coat (e.g., barber's, beautician's, doctor's, nurse's) supply services
812331812331812331Cooperative hospital laundries (i.e., linen supply services)
812331812331812331Diaper supply services
812331812331812331Gown (e.g., doctors, nurses, hospital, beauticians) supply services
812331812331812331Laundries, linen and uniform supply
812331812331812331Laundry services, linen supply
812331812331812331Linen supply services
812331812331812331Table linen supply services
812331812331812331Towel (except shop, wiping) supply services
812331812331812331Uniform (except industrial) supply services