NAICS Code Description

711310 - Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events with Facilities

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Endeavor Group Holdings IncLincoln Ctr For Prfrmg Arts In
Draftkings IncBahakel Communications Ltd
Madison Square Garden Spt CorpPse Holding LLC
John F Knnedy Ctr For Prfrmg ACenter Operating Company LP
Endeavor Manager LLCPlayhouse Square Foundation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) organizing, promoting, and/or managing live performing arts productions, sports events, and similar events, such as state fairs, county fairs, agricultural fairs, concerts, and festivals, held in facilities that they manage and operate and/or (2) managing and providing the staff to operate arenas, stadiums, theaters, or other related facilities for rent to other promoters.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Producing live performances (but may also promote the performances and/or operate the facilities where the performances take place)--are classified in Industry Group 7111, Performing Arts Companies;
  • Operating racetracks (but may also promote the events held in these facilities)--are classified in U.S. Industry 711212, Racetracks;
  • Presenting sporting events (but may also promote the sporting events and/or operate the stadiums or arenas where the sporting events take place)--are classified in U.S. Industry 711211, Sports Teams and Clubs;
  • Organizing, promoting, and/or managing conventions, conferences, and trade shows (but may also operate the facilities where these events take place)--are classified in Industry 561920, Convention and Trade Show Organizers;
  • Organizing, promoting, and/or managing performing arts productions, sports events, and similar events in facilities managed and operated by others--are classified in Industry 711320, Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events without Facilities; and
  • Leasing stadiums, arenas, theaters, and other related facilities to others without operating the facilities--are classified in Industry 531120, Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses).
Index Entries for 711310
711310711310711310Air show managers with facilities
711310711310711310Air show organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Air show promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Arena operators
711310711310711310Arts event managers with facilities
711310711310711310Arts event organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Arts event promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Arts festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Arts festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Arts festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Beauty pageant managers with facilities
711310711310711310Beauty pageant organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Beauty pageant promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Boxing event managers with facilities
711310711310711310Boxing event organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Boxing event promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Concert hall operators
711310711310711310Concert managers with facilities
711310711310711310Concert organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Concert promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Dance festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Dance festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Dance festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Ethnic festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Fair managers with facilities, agricultural
711310711310711310Fair organizers with facilities, agricultural
711310711310711310Fair promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Fair promoters with facilities, agricultural
711310711310711310Festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Festival of arts managers with facilities
711310711310711310Festival of arts organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Festival of arts promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Heritage festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Heritage festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Heritage festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Horse show managers with facilities
711310711310711310Horse show organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Horse show promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Live arts center operators
711310711310711310Live theater operators
711310711310711310Managers of agricultural fairs with facilities
711310711310711310Managers of arts events with facilities
711310711310711310Managers of festivals with facilities
711310711310711310Managers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310711310711310Managers of sports events with facilities
711310711310711310Music festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Music festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Music festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Organizers of agricultural fairs with facilities
711310711310711310Organizers of arts events with facilities
711310711310711310Organizers of festivals with facilities
711310711310711310Organizers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310711310711310Organizers of sports events with facilities
711310711310711310Performing arts center operators
711310711310711310Professional sports promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Promoters of agricultural fairs with facilities
711310711310711310Promoters of arts events with facilities
711310711310711310Promoters of festivals with facilities
711310711310711310Promoters of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
711310711310711310Promoters of sports events with facilities
711310711310711310Rodeo managers with facilities
711310711310711310Rodeo organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Rodeo promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Sports arena operators
711310711310711310Sports event managers with facilities
711310711310711310Sports event organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Sports event promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Sports stadium operators
711310711310711310Stadium operators
711310711310711310Theater festival managers with facilities
711310711310711310Theater festival organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Theater festival promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Theater operators
711310711310711310Theatrical production managers with facilities
711310711310711310Theatrical production organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Theatrical production promoters with facilities
711310711310711310Wrestling event managers with facilities
711310711310711310Wrestling event organizers with facilities
711310711310711310Wrestling event promoters with facilities