NAICS Code Description

621910 - Ambulance Services

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Global Medical Response IncAcadian Ambulance Service Inc
American Medical Response IncPHI Health LLC
Asp AMC Intrmdate Holdings IncAir Evac Ems Inc
Air Methods CorporationCareflite
Rural/Metro CorporationRocky Mountain Holdings LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing transportation of patients by ground or air, along with medical care. These services are often provided during a medical emergency but are not restricted to emergencies. The vehicles are equipped with lifesaving equipment operated by medically trained personnel.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing transportation of the disabled or elderly (without medical care) are classified in U.S. Industry 485991, Special Needs Transportation.
Index Entries for 621910
621910621910621910Air ambulance services
621910621910621910Ambulance services, air or ground
621910621910621910Emergency medical transportation services, air or ground
621910621910621910Rescue services, air
621910621910621910Rescue services, medical