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611630 - Language Schools

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Berlitz CorporationZoni Language Centers Inc
Aha Punana Leo IncLanguage Studies International
Spring Intl Language CenterLado Enterprises Incorporated
Globalenglish CorporationTransemantics Inc
Associates In Cultural ExchLanguage Stars LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering foreign language instruction (including sign language). These establishments are designed to offer language instruction ranging from conversational skills for personal enrichment to intensive training courses for career or educational opportunities.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Offering academic courses that may also offer language instruction--are classified according to type of school; and
  • Providing translation and interpretation services--are classified in Industry 541930, Translation and Interpretation Services.
Index Entries for 611630
611630611630611630Foreign language schools
611630611630611630Language schools
611630611630611630Schools, language
611630611630611630Second language instruction
611630611630611630Sign language instruction
611630611630611630Sign language schools