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541410 - Interior Design Services

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Select Interior Concepts IncRiver City Furniture LLC
Interior Lgic Group Hldngs LLCHlw International LLP
Stantec Architecture IncBono Care LLC
US Joiner LLCDonaldson Interiors Inc
LARK Industries IncOpus Solutions LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in planning, designing, and administering projects in interior spaces to meet the physical and aesthetic needs of people using them, taking into consideration building codes, health and safety regulations, traffic patterns and floor planning, mechanical and electrical needs, and interior fittings and furniture. Interior designers and interior design consultants work in areas, such as hospitality design, health care design, institutional design, commercial and corporate design, and residential design. This industry also includes interior decorating consultants engaged exclusively in providing aesthetic services associated with interior spaces.

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541410541410541410Decorating consulting services, interior
541410541410541410Interior decorating consultant services
541410541410541410Interior decorating consulting services
541410541410541410Interior design consulting services
541410541410541410Interior design services
541410541410541410Interior designer services