NAICS Code Description

532411 - Commercial Air, Rail, and Water Transportation Equipment Rental and Leasing

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Air Lease CorporationFlight Options Inc
Aircastle LimitedRotorcraft Leasing Company LLC
Embraer Aircraft Holding IncBelle Chasse Marine Trnsp LLC
Willis Lease Finance CorpPlanesense Inc
Hornbeck Offshore Services IncAeroturbine LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing off-highway transportation equipment without operators, such as aircraft, railroad cars, steamships, or tugboats.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Renting or leasing air, rail, highway, and water transportation equipment with operators--are classified in Sector 48-49, Transportation and Warehousing, based on their primary activity;
  • Renting pleasure boats--are classified in U.S. Industry 532284, Recreational Goods Rental; and
  • Renting or leasing automobiles or trucks without drivers--are classified in Industry Group 5321, Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing.
Index Entries for 532411
532411532411532411Aircraft rental or leasing without operator
532411532411532411Airplane rental or leasing without operator
532411532411532411Barge rental or leasing without crew
532411532411532411Boat rental (except pleasure) without crew
532411532411532411Boat rental or leasing, commercial
532411532411532411Railroad car rental or leasing
532411532411532411Ship rental or leasing without crew
532411532411532411Steamship rental or leasing without crew
532411532411532411Tanker (boat) rental or leasing without crew
532411532411532411Towboat rental or leasing without crew
532411532411532411Tugboat rental or leasing without crew