NAICS Code Description

532281 - Formal Wear and Costume Rental

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Rent Runway IncHeights Inc
Tip Top Tux LLCWhite Way Laundry Incorporated
Mr Formal IncBlack Tux Inc
W H Christian & Sons IncSacino & Sons Inc
Midwest Garment IncSquires LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in renting clothing, such as formal wear, costumes (e.g., theatrical), or other clothing (except laundered uniforms and work apparel).


  • Establishments primarily engaged in laundering and supplying uniforms and other work apparel are classified in U.S. Industry 812332, Industrial Launderers.
Index Entries for 532281
532220532220532281Bridal wear rental
532220532220532281Clothing rental (except industrial launderer, linen supply)
532220532220532281Costume rental
532220532220532281Dress suit rental
532220532220532281Formal wear rental
532220532220532281Fur rental
532220532220532281Gown rental
532220532220532281Graduation cap and gown rental
532220532220532281Motion picture wardrobe and costume rental
532220532220532281Suit rental
532220532220532281Theatrical wardrobe and costume rental
532220532220532281Tuxedo rental
532220532220532281Wardrobe rental