NAICS Code Description

523120 - Securities Brokerage

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Merrill Lynch Pierce FennerUBS Financial Services Inc
Charles Schwab CorporationTd Ameritrade Holding Corp
Morgan Stanley & Co LLCWells Fargo Clearing Svcs LLC
Jones Financial Companies LllpCitigroup Global Markets Inc
Raymond James Financial IncGores Group LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents (i.e., brokers) between buyers and sellers in buying or selling securities on a commission or transaction fee basis.

Illustrative Examples:

Mutual fund agencies (i.e., brokerages)
Stock brokerages
Securities brokerages


  • Establishments primarily engaged in investment banking and securities dealing (i.e., buying or selling securities on their own account) are classified in Industry 523110, Investment Banking and Securities Dealing.
Index Entries for 523120
523120523120523120Bond brokerages
523120523120523120Brokerages, securities
523120523120523120Certificate of deposit (CD) brokers' offices
523120523120523120Commercial note brokers' offices
523120523120523120Mutual fund agencies (i.e., brokerages)
523120523120523120Mutual fund agents' (i.e., brokers') offices
523120523120523120Securities brokerages
523120523120523120Securities brokers' offices
523120523120523120Securities floor brokers
523120523120523120Stock brokerages
523120523120523120Stock brokers' offices
523120523120523120Stock options brokerages