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482112 - Short Line Railroads

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New Orleans Pub Belt RR CorpMidland Rlwy Historical Assn
Fort Worth & Western RR CoCww LLC
Siemens Mobility IncNew York Ogdensburg Rlwy Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments known as short-line railroads primarily engaged in operating railroads for the transport of cargo over a short distance on local rail lines not part of a rail network.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating street railroads, commuter rail, and urban rapid transit systems--are classified in Industry Group 4851, Urban Transit Systems;
  • Operating scenic and sightseeing trains--are classified in Industry 487110, Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Land;
  • Operating switching and terminal facilities as separate establishments--are classified in Industry 488210, Support Activities for Rail Transportation; and
  • Operating railroads for the transport of passengers and/or cargo over a long distance--are classified in U.S. Industry 482111, Line-Haul Railroads.
Index Entries for 482112
482112482112482112Beltline railroads
482112482112482112Freight railways, short-line or beltline
482112482112482112Logging railroads
482112482112482112Railroad transportation, short-line or beltline
482112482112482112Railroads, short-line or beltline
482112482112482112Railway transportation, short-line or beltline
482112482112482112Short-line railroads