NAICS Code Description

447190 - Other Gasoline Stations

No Companies Listed in 447190

This industry comprises establishments known as gasoline stations (except those with convenience stores) primarily engaged in (1) retailing automotive fuels (e.g., diesel fuel, gasohol, gasoline, alternative fuels) or (2) retailing these fuels in combination with activities, such as providing repair services; selling automotive oils, replacement parts, and accessories; and/or providing food services.

Illustrative Examples:

Gasoline stations without convenience stores
Truck stops
Marine service stations

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Repairing motor vehicles without retailing automotive fuels--are classified in Industry Group 8111, Automotive Repair and Maintenance; and
  • Retailing automotive fuels in combination with a convenience store or food mart--are classified in Industry 447110, Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores.
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447190447190447190Gasoline stations without convenience stores
447190447190447190Marine service stations
447190447190447190Service stations, gasoline
447190447190447190Truck stops