NAICS Code Description

441228 - Motorcycle, ATV, and All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers

No Companies Listed in 441228

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing new and/or used motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, mopeds, off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATV), personal watercraft, utility trailers, and other motor vehicles (except automobiles, light trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats) or retailing these new vehicles in combination with activities, such as repair services and selling replacement parts and accessories.

Illustrative Examples:

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) dealers
Motorcycle dealers
Moped dealers
Motorcycle parts and accessories dealers
Personal watercraft dealers
Aircraft dealers
Snowmobile dealers
Powered golf cart dealers
Utility trailer dealers

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Retailing new automobiles and light trucks--are classified in Industry 441110, New Car Dealers;
  • Retailing used automobiles and light trucks--are classified in Industry 441120, Used Car Dealers;
  • Retailing new or used recreational vehicles, such as travel trailers--are classified in Industry 441210, Recreational Vehicle Dealers;
  • Retailing new or used boats, outboard motors, boat trailers, and marine supplies--are classified in U.S. Industry 441222, Boat Dealers;
  • Retailing new nonmotorized bicycles--are classified in Industry 451110, Sporting Goods Stores;
  • Retailing used nonmotorized bicycles--are classified in Industry 453310, Used Merchandise Stores; and
  • Providing vehicle repair services without retailing new vehicles--are classified in the appropriate industry for the repair services.
Index Entries for 441228
441229441228441228Aircraft dealers
441221441228441228All-terrain vehicle (ATV) dealers
441221441228441228Bicycle shops, motorized
441229441228441228Golf cart dealers, powered
441229441228441228Horse trailer dealers
441221441228441228Moped dealers
441221441228441228Motor scooters dealers
441221441228441228Motorbike dealers
441221441228441228Motorcycle dealers
441221441228441228Motorcycle parts and accessories dealers
441221441228441228Off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), wheeled or tracked, dealers
441221441228441228Personal watercraft dealers
441229441228441228Snowmobile dealers
441229441228441228Used aircraft dealers
441221441228441228Used motorcycle dealers
441229441228441228Used utility trailer dealers
441229441228441228Utility trailer dealers