NAICS Code Description

424610 - Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers

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Sabic Innovative Plas US LLCCurbell Inc
Bunzl USA Holdings LLCCope Plastics Inc
M Holland CompanyPolymershapes LLC
Entec Polymers LLCNexeo Plastics LLC
GLS Composites Dist LLCKyowa America Corporation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of plastics materials and resins, and unsupported plastics film, sheet, sheeting, rod, tube, and other basic forms and shapes.

Index Entries for 424610
424610424610424610Cellulose film merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Foam, plastics, resins and shapes, merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Nylon resins merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Plasticizers merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Plastics basic shapes (e.g., film, rod, sheet, sheeting, tubing) merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Plastics foam merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Plastics materials merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Plastics resins merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Polyester resins merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Resins, plastics, merchant wholesalers
424610424610424610Stabilizers, plastic, merchant wholesalers