NAICS Code Description

424470 - Meat and Meat Product Merchant Wholesalers

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US Foods Holding CorpQuirch Foods LLC
Unipro Foodservice IncMiniat Holdings LLC
Smithfield Direct LLCFoodcomm International
Restaurant Depot LLCHalperns Steak Seafood Co LLC
Inland Fr Sfd Corp of Amrc IncAB Foods LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of meats and meat products (except canned and packaged frozen) and/or lard.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Merchant wholesale distribution of packaged frozen meats--are classified in Industry 424420, Packaged Frozen Food Merchant Wholesalers;
  • Merchant wholesale distribution of canned meats--are classified in Industry 424490, Other Grocery and Related Products Merchant Wholesalers; and
  • Preparing boxed beef from purchased carcasses--are classified in U.S. Industry 311612, Meat Processed from Carcasses.
Index Entries for 424470
424470424470424470Cutting of purchased carcasses (except boxed meat cut on an assembly line basis) merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Deli meats merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Fresh meats merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Frozen meats (except packaged) merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Lard merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Meats and meat products (except canned, packaged frozen) merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Meats, cured or smoked, merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Meats, fresh, merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Meats, frozen (except packaged), merchant wholesalers
424470424470424470Processed meats (e.g., luncheon, sausage) merchant wholesalers