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423330 - Roofing, Siding, and Insulation Material Merchant Wholesalers

Top Businesses by Revenue for 423330:

Beacon Roofing Supply IncHerndonVA
SRS Distribution IncMcKinneyTX
Firestone Building Pdts Co LLCNashvilleTN
Primesource Building Pdts IncIrvingTX
Gulfside Supply IncTampaFL
Wausau Supply CoSchofieldWI
General Insulation CompanyMedfordMA
Mel Stevenson & Associates IncKansas CityKS
Universal Supply Company LLCHammontonNJ
Insulation Distributors IncChanhassenMN

423330 - Roofing, Siding, and Insulation Material Merchant Wholesalers

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of nonwood roofing and nonwood siding and insulation materials.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of wood roofing and wood siding are classified in Industry 423310, Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panel Merchant Wholesalers.
Index Entries for 423330
423330423330423330Asphalt felts and coatings merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Asphalt roofing shingles merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Ceramic and clay roofing materials merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Eavestroughing merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Fascia, building (except wood), merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Gutters and down spouts (except wood) merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330House wrapping insulation materials merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Insulation materials (except wood) merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Roofing materials (except wood) merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Sheet metal roofing materials merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Shingles (except wood) merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Siding (except wood) merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Soffit, building (except wood), merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Solar reflective film merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Sound insulation merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Tarred felts merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Thermal wrap, house, merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Vinyl siding merchant wholesalers
423330423330423330Weather stripping merchant wholesalers