NAICS Code Description

339114 - Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dental equipment and supplies used by dental laboratories and offices of dentists, such as dental chairs, dental instrument delivery systems, dental hand instruments, dental impression material, and dental cements.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dentures, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances customized for individual application are classified in U.S. Industry 339116, Dental Laboratories.
Index Entries for 339114
339114339114339114Abrasive points, wheels, and disks, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Amalgams, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Autoclaves, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Cements, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Chairs, dentist's, manufacturing
339114339114339114Cutting instruments, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental alloys for amalgams manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental chairs manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental equipment and instruments manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental glues and cements manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental hand instruments (e.g., forceps) manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental impression materials manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental instrument delivery systems manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental laboratory equipment manufacturing
339114339114339114Dental wax manufacturing
339114339114339114Denture materials manufacturing
339114339114339114Drills, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Enamels, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Furnaces, dental laboratory, manufacturing
339114339114339114Glue, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Impression material, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Orthodontic appliances manufacturing
339114339114339114Points, abrasive dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Sterilizers, dental, manufacturing
339114339114339114Teeth (except customized) manufacturing
339114339114339114Tools, dentists', manufacturing
339114339114339114Ultrasonic dental equipment manufacturing

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A-Dec IncNewbergOR
Smiledirectclub IncNashvilleTN
Ultradent Products IncSouth JordanUT
Dental Imaging Tech CorpHatfieldPA
Ormco CorporationOrangeCA
CP Dental LLCSanta MariaCA