NAICS Code Description

335932 - Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing

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Apple JV Holding CorpWestern Tube & Conduit Corp
Appleton Grp LLCWestern Power Products Inc
Preformed Line Products CoDurham Co
Hubbell Incorporated DelawareRobroy Industries Inc
Regal Beloit America IncGund Company Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing noncurrent-carrying wiring devices.

Illustrative Examples:

Boxes, electrical wiring (e.g., junction, outlet, switch), manufacturing
Conduits and fittings, electrical, manufacturing
Face plates (i.e., outlet or switch covers) manufacturing
Transmission pole and line hardware manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing porcelain and ceramic insulators--are classified in Industry 327110, Pottery, Ceramics, and Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing current-carrying wiring devices--are classified in U.S. Industry 335931, Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing glass insulators--are classified in Industry 32721, Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 335932
335932335932335932Boxes, electrical wiring (e.g., junction, outlet, switch), manufacturing
335932335932335932Conduits and fittings, electrical, manufacturing
335932335932335932Electrical metallic tube (EMTs) manufacturing
335932335932335932EMTs (electrical metallic tube) manufacturing
335932335932335932Face plates (i.e., outlet or switch covers) manufacturing
335932335932335932Hardware, transmission pole and line, manufacturing
335932335932335932Insulators, electrical (except glass, porcelain), manufacturing
335932335932335932Junction boxes, electrical wiring, manufacturing
335932335932335932Outlet boxes, electrical wiring, manufacturing
335932335932335932Plates (i.e., outlet or switch covers), face, manufacturing
335932335932335932Raceways manufacturing
335932335932335932Switch boxes, electrical wiring, manufacturing
335932335932335932Transmission pole and line hardware manufacturing