NAICS Code Description

334118 - Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

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Cisco Systems IncJuniper Networks Inc
IBM World Trade CorporationPalo Alto Networks Inc
NCR CorporationDiebold Nixdorf Incorporated
Xerox Holdings CorporationLexmark International Inc
Zebra Technologies CorporationFortinet Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer terminals and other computer peripheral equipment (except storage devices).

Illustrative Examples:

Automatic teller machines (ATM) manufacturing
Computer terminals manufacturing
Joystick devices manufacturing
Keyboards, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
Monitors, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
Mouse devices, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
Optical readers and scanners manufacturing
Plotters, computer, manufacturing
Point-of-sale terminals manufacturing
Printers, computer, manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing local area network and wide area network communications equipment, such as bridges, routers, and gateways--are classified in Industry 334210, Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing computer storage devices--are classified in U.S. Industry 334112, Computer Storage Device Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing external audio speakers for computer use--are classified in Industry 334310, Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing internal, loaded, printed circuit board devices, such as sound, video, controller, and network interface cards; and internal and external computer modems used as computer peripherals--are classified in U.S. Industry 334418, Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing digital cameras--are classified in U.S. Industry 333316, Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing other parts, such as casings, stampings, cable sets, and switches, for computer peripheral equipment--are classified in the Manufacturing sector based on their associated production processes.
Index Entries for 334118
334119334118334118ATMs (automatic teller machines) manufacturing
334119334118334118Automatic teller machines (ATM) manufacturing
33411334118334118Biometrics system input devices (e.g., retinal scan, iris pattern recognition, hand geometry) manufacturing
33411334118334118Computer input/output equipment manufacturing
334113334118334118Computer terminals manufacturing
334119334118334118Flat panel displays (i.e., complete units), computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
334119334118334118Funds transfer devices manufacturing
33411334118334118Input/output equipment, computer, manufacturing
334119334118334118Joystick devices manufacturing
334119334118334118Keyboards, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
33411334118334118Lottery ticket sales terminals manufacturing
334119334118334118Magnetic ink recognition devices, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
334119334118334118Monitors, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
334119334118334118Mouse devices, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
334119334118334118Optical readers and scanners manufacturing
334119334118334118Overhead projectors, computer peripheral-type, manufacturing
334119334118334118Plotters, computer, manufacturing
334119334118334118Point of sale terminals manufacturing
334119334118334118Pointing devices, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
334119334118334118Printers, computer, manufacturing
334113334118334118Teleprinters (i.e., computer terminals) manufacturing
334113334118334118Terminals, computer, manufacturing