NAICS Code Description

333992 - Welding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing

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Lincoln Electric Holdings IncPaslin Company
Utica Enterprises IncVictor Equipment Company
Comau LLCHaun Welding Supply Inc
Miller Electric Mfg LLCNordson Efd LLC
Hobart Brothers LLCUniweld Products Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing welding and soldering equipment and accessories (except transformers), such as arc, resistance, gas, plasma, laser, electron beam, and ultrasonic welding equipment; welding electrodes; coated or cored welding wire; and soldering equipment (except handheld).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing handheld soldering irons--are classified in U.S. Industry 332216, Saw Blade and Handtool Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing arc-welding transformers--are classified in U.S. Industry 335311, Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 333992
333992333992333992Arc-welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Electrode holders, welding, manufacturing
333992333992333992Electrodes, welding, manufacturing
333992333992333992Electron beam welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Gas welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Gas welding rods, coated or cored, manufacturing
333992333992333992Generating apparatus and parts, welding, electrical, manufacturing
333992333992333992Laser welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Plasma welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Resistance welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Seam welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Soldering equipment (except handheld) manufacturing
333992333992333992Spot welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Welding equipment manufacturing
333992333992333992Welding wire or rods (i.e., coated, cored) manufacturing