NAICS Code Description

333131 - Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

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Komatsu Mining CorpEpiroc North America Corp
Kennametal IncJennmar of Pennsylvania LLC
Joy Global Surface Mining IncK-Tron International Inc
Frank Calandra IncOldenburg Group Incorporated
Caterpillar Globl Min Amer LLCElgin National Industries Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing underground mining machinery and equipment, such as coal breakers, mining cars, core drills, coal cutters, and rock drills, and (2) manufacturing mineral beneficiating machinery and equipment used in surface or underground mines.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing surface mining machinery and equipment--are classified in Industry 333120, Construction Machinery Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing well drilling machinery--are classified in U.S. Industry 333132, Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coal and ore conveyors--are classified in U.S. Industry 333922, Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing underground mining locomotives--are classified in Industry 336510, Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 333131
333131333131333131Amalgamators (i.e., metallurgical and mining machinery) manufacturing
333131333131333131Augers, mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Bits, rock drill, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Breakers, coal, manufacturing
333131333131333131Cars, mining, manufacturing
333131333131333131Cleaning machinery, mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizers manufacturing
333131333131333131Concentration machinery, mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Core drills, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Crushing machinery, stationary, manufacturing
333131333131333131Cutters, coal, manufacturing
333131333131333131Drilling equipment, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Drills, core, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Drills, rock, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Dumpers, mining car, manufacturing
333131333131333131Feeders, mineral beneficiating-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Flotation machinery, mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Hammer mill machinery (i.e., rock and ore crushing machines), stationary, manufacturing
333131333131333131Loading machines, underground mining, manufacturing
333131333131333131Mineral processing and beneficiating machinery manufacturing
333131333131333131Mining cars manufacturing
333131333131333131Ore crushing, washing, screening, and loading machinery manufacturing
333131333131333131Pellet mills machinery, mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Quarrying machinery and equipment manufacturing
333131333131333131Rock crushing machinery, stationary, manufacturing
333131333131333131Rock drills, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Scraper loaders, underground mining-type, manufacturing
333131333131333131Screening machinery, stationary, manufacturing
333131333131333131Sedimentary mineral machinery manufacturing
333131333131333131Sieves and screening equipment, mineral beneficiating, manufacturing
333131333131333131Stone beneficiating machinery manufacturing
333131333131333131Underground mining machinery manufacturing
333131333131333131Washers, aggregate and sand, stationary, manufacturing