NAICS Code Description

332911 - Industrial Valve Manufacturing

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Emerson Electric CoMueller Water Products Inc
Pentair IncMcWane Inc
Curtiss-Wright CorporationZurn Water Solutions Corp
American Cast Iron Pipe CoCircor International Inc
Fisher Controls Intl LLCDresser LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial valves and valves for water works and municipal water systems.

Illustrative Examples:

Complete fire hydrants manufacturing
Industrial-type ball valves manufacturing
Industrial-type butterfly valves manufacturing
Industrial-type check valves manufacturing
Industrial-type gate valves manufacturing
Industrial-type globe valves manufacturing
Industrial-type plug valves manufacturing
Industrial-type solenoid valves (except fluid power) manufacturing
Industrial-type steam traps manufacturing
Valves for nuclear applications manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing fluid power valves--are classified in U.S. Industry 332912, Fluid Power Valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing plumbing and heating inline valves--are classified in U.S. Industry 332919, Other Metal Valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 332911
332911332911332911Angle valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Automatic (i.e., controlling-type, regulating) valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Ball valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Boiler gauge cocks, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Butterfly valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Check valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Compressed gas cylinder valves manufacturing
332911332911332911Control valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Cross valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Fire hydrant valves manufacturing
332911332911332911Fire hydrants, complete, manufacturing
332911332911332911Flushing hydrant manufacturing
332911332911332911Gas valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Gate valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Globe valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Nuclear application valves manufacturing
332911332911332911Plug valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Pressure control valves (except fluid power), industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Safety (i.e., pop-off) valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Solenoid valves (except fluid power), industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Steam traps, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Stop valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Straightway (i.e., Y-type) valves, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Thermostatic traps, industrial-type, manufacturing
332911332911332911Valves for nuclear applications manufacturing
332911332911332911Valves for water works and municipal water systems manufacturing
332911332911332911Valves, industrial-type (e.g., check, gate, globe, relief, safety), manufacturing
332911332911332911Water sampling station manufacturing
332911332911332911Waterworks and municipal water system valves manufacturing