NAICS Code Description

332321 - Metal Window and Door Manufacturing

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Griffon CorporationHrh Door Corp
PGT Innovations IncKawneer Company Inc
Overhead Door CorporationEfco Corporation
J T Walker Industries IncKinro Manufacturing Inc
Sanwa Usa IncNeisewander Enterprises Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal framed windows (i.e., typically using purchased glass) and metal doors. Examples of products made by these establishments are metal door frames; metal framed window and door screens; and metal molding and trim (except automotive).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing wood or metal covered (i.e., clad) wood framed windows and doors--are classified in U.S. Industry 321911, Wood Window and Door Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing metal automotive molding and trim--are classified in Industry 336370, Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping.
Index Entries for 332321
332321332321332321Baseboards, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Casements, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Door and jamb assemblies, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Door frames and sash, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Doors, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Fire doors, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Frames, door and window, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Garage doors, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Hangar doors, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Jalousies, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Louver windows, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Molding and trim (except motor vehicle), metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Rolling doors for industrial buildings and warehouses, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Sash, door and window, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Screen doors, metal frame, manufacturing
332321332321332321Screens, door and window, metal frame, manufacturing
332321332321332321Shutters, door and window, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Skylights, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Storm doors and windows, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Trim and molding (except motor vehicle), metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Trim, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Weatherstrip, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Window frames and sash, metal, manufacturing
332321332321332321Window screens, metal frame, manufacturing
332321332321332321Windows, metal, manufacturing