NAICS Code Description

326291 - Rubber Product Manufacturing for Mechanical Use

Top Businesses by Revenue for 326291:

Q Holding CompanyTwinsburgOH
HP Pelzer Auto Systems IncTroyMI
Vibracoustic Usa IncSouth HavenMI
Creative Foam CorporationFentonMI
Jasper Rubber Products IncJasperIN
BRC Rubber & Plastics IncFort WayneIN
Griffith Rubber MillsPortlandOR
Rex-Hide IncorporatedTylerTX
Tepro IncWinchesterTN
Rex-Hide Industries IncTylerTX

326291 - Rubber Product Manufacturing for Mechanical Use

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber goods (except tubing) for mechanical applications, using the processes of molding, extruding or lathe-cutting. Products of this industry are generally parts for motor vehicles, machinery, and equipment.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber tubing from natural and synthetic rubber or in manufacturing rubber products for mechanical applications using processes other than molding, extruding or lathe-cutting are classified in U.S. Industry 326299, All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 326291
326291326291326291Extruded, molded or lathe-cut rubber goods manufacturing
326291326291326291Mechanical rubber goods (i.e., extruded, lathe-cut, molded) manufacturing
326291326291326291Rubber goods, mechanical (i.e., extruded, lathe-cut, molded), manufacturing