NAICS Code Description

325613 - Surface Active Agent Manufacturing

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Henkel of America IncZschimmer & Schwarz Inc
Pilot Chemical Company OhioChemguard Inc
Halocarbon Products CorpPariser Industries Inc
Peter Cremer North America LPLewis Chemical Company
Unimetal Surface Finishing LLCPflaumer Brothers Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing bulk surface active agents for use as wetting agents, emulsifiers, and penetrants and/or (2) manufacturing textile and leather finishing agents used to reduce tension or speed the drying process.

Index Entries for 325613
325613325613325613Assistants, textile and leather finishing, manufacturing
325613325613325613Emulsifiers (i.e., surface active agents) manufacturing
325613325613325613Finishing agents, textile and leather, manufacturing
325613325613325613Mordants manufacturing
325613325613325613Oils, soluble (i.e., textile finishing assistants), manufacturing
325613325613325613Penetrants manufacturing
325613325613325613Softeners, leather or textile, manufacturing
325613325613325613Surface active agents manufacturing
325613325613325613Textile finishing assistants manufacturing
325613325613325613Textile scouring agents manufacturing
325613325613325613Turkey-red oil manufacturing
325613325613325613Wetting agents manufacturing