325520 Adhesive Manufacturing

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing adhesives, glues, and caulking compounds.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing asphalt and tar roofing cements from purchased asphaltic materials--are classified in U.S. Industry 324122, Asphalt Shingle and Coating Materials Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing gypsum based caulking compounds--are classified in Industry 327420, Gypsum Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 325520
Adhesives (except asphalt, dental, gypsum base) manufacturing
Caulking compounds (except gypsum base) manufacturing
Cement, rubber, manufacturing
Construction adhesives (except asphalt, gypsum base) manufacturing
Dextrin glues manufacturing
Epoxy adhesives manufacturing
Glues (except dental) manufacturing
Joint compounds (except gypsum base) manufacturing
Mucilage adhesives manufacturing
Pastes, adhesive, manufacturing
Pipe sealing compounds manufacturing
Plumbers' putty manufacturing
Rubber cements manufacturing
Sealing compounds for pipe threads and joints manufacturing
Starch glues manufacturing
Tile adhesives manufacturing