NAICS Code Description

32519 - Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing

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Interntnal Flvors Frgrnces IncRenewable Energy Group Inc
Eastman Chemical CompanyFisher Scientific Intl LLC
Union Carbide CorporationGreen Plains Inc
BASF CorporationMom Holding Company
G Holdings LLCNewmarket Corporation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing basic organic chemicals (except petrochemicals, industrial gases, and synthetic dyes and pigments).

Illustrative Examples:

Biodiesel fuels not made in petroleum refineries and not blended with petroleum
Carbon organic compounds, not specified elsewhere by process, manufacturing
Cyclic intermediates made from refined petroleum or natural gas (except aromatic petrochemicals)
Enzyme proteins (i.e., basic synthetic chemicals) (except pharmaceutical use) manufacturing
Fatty acids (e.g., margaric, oleic, stearic) manufacturing
Gum and wood chemicals manufacturing
Organo-inorganic compound manufacturing
Plasticizers (i.e., basic synthetic chemical) manufacturing
Silicone (except resins) manufacturing
Synthetic sweeteners (i.e., sweetening agents) manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing petrochemicals from refined petroleum or liquid hydrocarbons--are classified in Industry 32511, Petrochemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing petrochemicals by refining crude petroleum--are classified in Industry 32411, Petroleum Refineries;
  • Blending purchased biodiesel fuels and purchased refined petroleum--are classified in Industry 32419, Other Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing organic industrial gases--are classified in Industry 32512, Industrial Gas Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing synthetic organic dyes and pigments--are classified in Industry 32513, Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing natural glycerin--are classified in Industry 32561, Soap and Cleaning Compound Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing activated charcoal--are classified in Industry 32599, All Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing organic insecticidal, herbicidal, fungicidal, and pesticidal preparations--are classified in Industry 32532, Pesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing elastomers--are classified in Industry 32521, Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing urea--are classified in Industry 32531, Fertilizer Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medicines, and dietary supplements--are classified in Industry Group 3254, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coal tar crudes in integrated steel mills with coke ovens--are classified in Industry 33111, Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coal tar crudes in coke ovens not integrated with steel mills and fuel briquettes from refined petroleum--are classified in Industry 32419, Other Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing natural food colorings--are classified in Industry 31194, Seasoning and Dressing Manufacturing.

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