NAICS Code Description

325130 - Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing

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Contran CorporationPenn Color Inc
Kronos Worldwide IncSilberline Mfg Co Inc
Tronox US Holdings IncDay-Glo Color Corp
Kronos International IncChromaflo Technologies Corp
Standridge Color CorporationChromascape LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic organic and inorganic dyes and pigments, such as lakes and toners (except electrostatic and photographic).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing natural food colorings--are classified in U.S. Industry 311942, Spice and Extract Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing natural organic colorings for nonfood uses (except wood byproducts)--are classified in U.S. Industry 325199, All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing electrostatic and photographic toners--are classified in U.S. Industry 325992, Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing wood byproducts used as dyeing materials--are classified in U.S. Industry 325194, Cyclic Crude, Intermediate, and Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing carbon, bone, and lamp black--are classified in Industry 325180, Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 325130
325132325130325130Acid dyes, synthetic organic, manufacturing
325132325130325130Anthraquinone dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Antimony based pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Arsenic based pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Azine dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Azo dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Barytes based pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Black pigments (except carbon black, bone black, lamp black) manufacturing
325131325130325130Blanc fixe (i.e., barium sulfate, precipitated) manufacturing
325131325130325130Ceramic colors manufacturing
325131325130325130Chrome pigments (e.g., chrome green, chrome orange, chrome yellow) manufacturing
325131325130325130Color pigments, inorganic (except bone black, carbon black, lamp black), manufacturing
325132325130325130Color pigments, organic (except animal black, bone black), manufacturing
325131325130325130Copper base pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Direct dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Disperse dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Dyes, inorganic, manufacturing
325132325130325130Dyes, synthetic organic, manufacturing
325132325130325130Eosin dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Ferric oxide pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Fluorescent dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Food coloring, synthetic, manufacturing
325131325130325130Inorganic pigments (except bone black, carbon black, lamp black) manufacturing
325131325130325130Iron based pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Lakes (i.e., organic pigments) manufacturing
325131325130325130Lead based pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Lead pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Litharge manufacturing
325131325130325130Lithopone manufacturing
325131325130325130Metallic pigments, inorganic, manufacturing
325132325130325130Methyl violet toners manufacturing
325131325130325130Mineral colors and pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Mordant dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Nitroso dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Ocher pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Organic pigments, dyes, lakes, and toners manufacturing
325132325130325130Pararosaniline dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Peacock blue lake manufacturing
325131325130325130Pearl essence pigment, synthetic, manufacturing
325132325130325130Persian orange lake manufacturing
325132325130325130Phosphomolybdic acid lakes and toners manufacturing
325132325130325130Phosphotungstic acid lakes and toners manufacturing
325132325130325130Phthalocyanine pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Pigment, scarlet lake, manufacturing
325132325130325130Pigments (except animal black, bone black), organic, manufacturing
325131325130325130Pigments (except bone black, carbon black, lamp black), inorganic, manufacturing
325131325130325130Prussian blue pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Satin white pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Scarlet 2 R lake manufacturing
325131325130325130Sienna pigment manufacturing
325132325130325130Solvent dyes manufacturing
325132325130325130Stains, biological, manufacturing
325132325130325130Stilbene dyes manufacturing
325131325130325130Titanium based pigments manufacturing
325132325130325130Toners (except electrostatic, photographic) manufacturing
325131325130325130Ultramarine pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130Umber manufacturing
325132325130325130Vat dyes, synthetic, manufacturing
325131325130325130Vermilion pigments manufacturing
325131325130325130White extender pigments (e.g., barytes, blanc fixe, whiting) manufacturing
325131325130325130Whiting manufacturing
325131325130325130Zinc based pigments manufacturing