NAICS Code Description

325120 - Industrial Gas Manufacturing

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Linde IncPlz Aeroscience Corporation
American A Lquide Holdings IncAmerican Air Liquide Inc
Matheson Tri-Gas IncArc3 Gases Inc
Air Lqide Advanced Tech US LLCContinental Carbonic Pdts Inc
Boc Group IncLinde Gas USA LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial organic and inorganic gases in compressed, liquid, and solid forms.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing chlorine gas--are classified in Industry 325180, Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing ethane and butane gases made from refined petroleum or liquid hydrocarbons--are classified in Industry 325110, Petrochemical Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 325120
325120325120325120Acetylene manufacturing
325120325120325120Argon manufacturing
325120325120325120Carbon dioxide manufacturing
325120325120325120Chlorodifluoromethane manufacturing
325120325120325120Chlorofluorocarbon gases manufacturing
325120325120325120Compressed and liquefied industrial gas manufacturing
325120325120325120Dichlorodifluoromethane manufacturing
325120325120325120Dry ice (i.e., solid carbon dioxide) manufacturing
325120325120325120Fluorinated hydrocarbon gases manufacturing
325120325120325120Fluorocarbon gases manufacturing
325120325120325120Gases, industrial (i.e., compressed, liquefied, solid), manufacturing
325120325120325120Helium manufacturing
325120325120325120Helium recovery from natural gas
325120325120325120Hydrogen manufacturing
325120325120325120Ice, dry, manufacturing
325120325120325120Industrial gases manufacturing
325120325120325120Liquid air manufacturing
325120325120325120Monochlorodifluoromethane manufacturing
325120325120325120Neon manufacturing
325120325120325120Nitrogen manufacturing
325120325120325120Nitrous oxide manufacturing
325120325120325120Oxygen manufacturing